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“Investing into relationships is one of the greatest things we can do. From the beginning, we see God’s design is for us to do life together. We can’t do life alone! Life is most rewarding when we live it the way God designed it. One of the greatest tactics of the enemy is to isolate people because isolation leads to desolation. Small groups are so important because they grow us, encourage us, and empower us.”

-Pastor James Greer

Journey groups can be filled with people who love to run, people who have lost a loved one, all women, all men, or all of the above! It’s not just a place to come together for praise and worship. It’s a group of people who do life together, regardless of what that looks like.


It’s a Journey Group.

The Table

At Journey Church, our model for small group ministry follows that of the early church. Small group meetings in homes were its foundation and its tremendous growth throughout Jerusalem is recorded in the book of Acts. Those small groups changed the world and it’s our vision to see 100,000 people doing life together by 2028.

Our mission is to bring those far from God, close to God, one step at time, through intentional and meaningful relationships. Those relationships are forged, nurtured, and multiplied inside Journey Groups.

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