Why Lead a Journey Group?

The book of Acts makes it very clear how important small groups were in founding the early church. Christians met in small numbers inside homes and that quickly spread across Jerusalem and through out the world.

We are created as social beings, to have a relationship not only with our creator, but also with each other. We celebrate together when things are good, we console each other when things are bad, we hold each other accountable, build each other up, and we make each other better people.

“Just as Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

– Proverbs 27:17

A Journey Group is more than just a class of people that meet on Sunday mornings to praise and worship. We do that too. But a Journey Group is a group of people who do life together. The people you can count on to sharpen your character, be there in times of need, and congratulate you when life is good. A Journey Group takes ordinary people and makes them family, bringing them closer to each other and closer to God.

Join the Movement of God

God has given each person unique gifts, passions, and positions, and He wants us to use them to glorify Him!

You were made for this!

Our plan is simple… Do life with people who have common interests as you. By starting a group, you’re intentionally investing in the spiritual growth of those around you.

“Therefore encourage one another just as you have been doing”

– Thessalonians 5:11

Not seeing a Journey group you like and you’re interested in starting your own, please let us know! We’ll give you the resources you need in order to help your Journey Group be a success!