Leadership Training

At Journey, we know the importance of small groups and why they matter. We also know that GREAT leadership is vital to making your Journey Group a success!

That’s why we provide our Journey Group Leaders with leadership training to help you lead your group toward happy and healthy relationships with each other and most importantly, our Savior, Jesus Christ.


5 Steps to Start A Journey Group

Starting a Journey Group is EASY when you follow these 5 steps! Click here!

Journey Group Invite Strategy

Time to start inviting people to attend!  Click the link above where we’ve provided ideas and resources that will help you think through who to invite to your group.         Circles of Life PDF

Next Steps for Journey Group Members

What is the condition of your group members? How do you know if your members are taking their Next Step? Click the link above to learn about leading your members to their next step.

Journey Groups Metrics Indicator

Numerical gauges can be a great indicator of your group health. Numbers don’t lie, as long as we don’t lie about the numbers! What do your numbers say about your group health?