Living as an Overcomer

The unique hardships of our modern lives can often feel insurmountable. But God’s Word reveals to us that there is no obstacle, habit, or situation we face that Jesus hasn’t already given us the power to conquer. In this eight-session study, bestselling author Dr. Tony Evans examines how Christ’s message to the seven churches in Revelation can challenge, convict, and lead us toward emphatic victory over any difficulty in life. As we heed God’s instructions to the early church, we will learn to reject lukewarm faith and start living as overcomers.

8 Sessions

Session 1: The Key to Overcoming
Session 2: Putting God in First Place
Session 3: Exhibiting Steady Faithfulness
Session 4: Embracing Uncompromising Commitment
Session 5: Viewing Sin God’s Way
Session 6: Walking in the Spirit’s Power
Session 7: Accessing Spiritual Activity
Session 8: Reflecting Authentic Christianity