The Last Supper on the Moon

Have you ever noticed that for your entire life, the moon has been staring back at you? Its presence in our sky is constant yet wholly impossible to grasp. If you’ve ever looked at happiness and felt it was as out of reach as the moon—this study is for you.

In the summer of 1969, Buzz Aldrin became one of the first to stand on its surface. Moments before that historic step, Aldrin partook of a sacred celebration that first occurred two thousand years earlier: the last supper.
In this act, Buzz unknowingly gave a nod towards the reality that our consideration of the moon can directly influence our grasp of God’s love for us.

In The Last Supper on the Moon video study, bestselling author and pastor Levi Lusko uses 1969 lunar mission as an analogy of God’s mission of salvation. This five-session study explores God’s love for us by sending Jesus to die for our sins and how the letters to the Revelation churches can help us live with purpose and hope.

6 Sessions